I never thought this day would come.
My 125ml tube of Shiseido Benefiance Creamy Cleansing Foam has lasted about 9 months.  I used it daily with my beloved Clarisonic Mia, and just the tiniest, less than a ‘pea sized’ amount is all that’s required to achieve fantastic results.
The tube has lived in my shower, and I’m glad to report that the lid does not collect excess shower water.  To some that might sound like a trivial thing.  For us germaphobes there is nothing more revolting than opening a product to use it and having yesterdays cold water rush out of the lid after diluting and/or contaminating your product.
This cleanser has a slight fragrance, but nothing strong enough to unsettle my sensitive skin.  If you look at the beige coloured cleanser, you will find small granules which provide a very slight surface exfoliation, but not that you would notice them during everyday use.  Although this cleanser is creamy, it can leave your skin squeaky clean, so be sure to moisturise well.