I had the pleasure of visiting the Sally Hansen Pop Up Nail Bar at Federation Square this morning. The team from Sally Hansen have been in Melbourne all week, perfectly timed with Spring Racing Carnival.

I was treated to a manicure, and opted to try Sally Hansen Salon Effects in the Numbskulls design.  I had never tried the real nail polish strips before and was amazed that there is no drying time, just peel and apply!  There are 16 nail polish strips in the pack.  The nail technician Chantelle who was applying the Salon Effects to my nails had not applied them before either, so it was a learning experience for both of us.

This was my starting point, my nails were painted about a week ago, and were looking a little shabby.  Sheepishly, baa baa, I offered up my hands for a serious work up.

Wish I had removed my polish before I arrived!

Here we are removing the old polish, ready to try Sally Hansen Salon Effects.  Work that acetone Chantelle!  I was eyeing off her lovely bracelet during the process, trying to work out how I could wangle it off her wrist.

Out with the old…

I opted to have the Numbskulls applied as a feature nail, with Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure polish on my other nails. Perfect for Halloween.  It turns out the polish strips are so easy to apply.  The trick is to make sure the strip is large enough to cover the width of your nail, and then rub the edges down gently with an orange stick or cotton bud to make sure they are smooth and wrinkle free.  If only a cotton bud would do the same thing to my crows feet!

My hand looks enormous in this picture!

After applying the strips, my other nails were painted and then some oily drops were applied to ensure my manicure dried quickly.  I’m not sure what they were called though, I was too busy admiring my nails and failed to take note.  Bad blogger.  Here is the finished look…

Ta-da! The finished look.

Sally Hansen has come a long way from the launch of her pioneer product, Hard as Nails more than forty years ago.  The Sally Hansen brand has responded to consumer demand for salon-tested, good-for-the-nails products for every nail care problem.  Specialising in the retail market, the Sally Hansen range includes the nail treatment products we all know and love, along with on trend nail products at an affordable price point.  This ensures that everyone can enjoy salon standard manicures and pedicures in their own home.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects are widely available at Priceline and David Jones stores nationally and retail for $14.95.

Disclaimer: Manicures at the Sally Hansen pop up nail bar are complimentary to members of the public and bloggers alike. All opinions are my own. To read my detailed Disclosure Policy, please click here