Yesterday I received an astounding number of compliments on my lanky luscious lashes (okay it was three people, astounding to me), and thought I would show you what my lashes looked like.

I’m wearing the regular formulation of Lancome Hypnose in Noir 01 which is a true favourite of mine.  Hypnose is a ‘custom volume’ mascara, with a stiff hairy brush.  No sign of a rubber wand here.  One coat is enough.

Lancome Lashes

In this photo my lashes are not curled, which may explain some of their extra length.  My lashes are naturally fairly long, but they have blonde ends which makes them look rather stumpy when they are naked.

One Lancome mascara I wasn’t a fan of was the Lancome Hypnose Doll Lashes for a ‘wide-eyed look’, but the only thing wide about my eyes was the shock when I tried the product.  I didn’t like the brush or the effect of the product on my lashes.

More recently Lancome launched Lancome Hypnose Star for ‘show stopping volume’, but I have not tried it yet. I’m still enjoying old faithful, and won’t need another mascara for quite a few more months.

While I fully support the market of low cost mascaras, every once in a while its great to treat yourself to something special.  I find that if I have a Lancome mascara on the go, I never forget to apply it, and I use up the entire tube.  The product stays fresh and malleable for much longer than the 3 month industry standard recommendation.  Money well spent I say.

You can purchase Lancome Hypnose mascara’s all over the mascara wearing world, and the original formula retails for USD $27 / AUD $52.

Which of the Lancome Hypnose mascara range have you tried?

Is mascara an item that you splurge on?

Lancome Hypnose