I was recently invited to the launch of a new treatment, developed by Guinot.  The HYDRACLEAN is a deep cleansing facial treatment for all skin types, at an affordable price.  The treatment is delivered in just 30 minutes, so it is perfect for the overworked professional or busy Mum.   Best of all, the recommended price is from $45. Baaargain!

Here are just some of the details provided by Guinot on the night:


  • A 93% decrease of the number of sebum spots on the skin after 1 treatment.
  • Active ingredients more effectively penetrate perfectly cleansed skin after 1 treatment.


Þ   Salicylic Acid: Provides antimicrobial action, regulates and exfoliates.

Þ   Lipacid: Regulates excess sebum secretion.

Þ   Allantoin: soothing & healing action effective against infections.  Also has anti-wrinkle properties.

Þ   Witch Hazel Extract: tighten pores.

The event was hosted by the Australian College of Hair Design & Beauty located in Flinders Lane.  Attendees included some students, Raelene & Dusty, along with a group of my fellow beauty addicted bloggers.   When we were asked for volunteers to try out the treatment in one of the college Guinot training rooms, I found myself donning a robe and hurdling onto the table, lickety-split.   

Photo Credit: Amy from http://thingsilove.com.au

Photo Credit: Amy from http://thingsilove.com.au

Here I am confessing my beauty sins to Kellie before the treatment.  I mentioned that my main concern was sensitivity, redness, dehydration and dryness.  Just the usual concerns!  I also shared that I am guiltly of crimes such as not regularly using an eye cream, and sleeping with my makeup on more often than I should.  There was an audible GASP from the blogger collective. Ooops!  I forgot I was being snapped, tweeted, and instagrammed by my fellow beauty bloggers.

Kellie mentioned that my skin looked congested along my nose and forehead.  I immediately had a vision of a traffic jam on a highway, but Kellie explained that my pores were full of nasties which would be a direct result of not cleaning my makeup off every night.  Kellie also highlighted that I have some fine broken capillaries on my cheeks.  This started a discussion about cleansing and exfoliation, and that the current cleanser and exfoliation product I was using may be too harsh for my skin.  In just a minute I had a wealth of information on what to do differently to ensure I don’t create any more broken capillaries.



Photo Credit: Amy from http://thingsilove.com.au

Photo Credit: Amy from http://thingsilove.com.au

The treatment is a 2 step process, and is geared towards being effective as opposed to being ‘time out from the world’.

Step 1.  A deep cleanse using a THERMOCLEAN ELECTRODE heating up to 42°c to stimulate deeper into the skin, and with specific skincare.  As my skin is not oily, the Universal Cleansing Gel product was used in my treatment.

Step 2.  A massage which favours drainage and restarts skin micro-circulation.  The massage is carried out with a serum which contains Allantoin and Witch Hazel Extract.

The treatment is by all means gentle, feels awesome, and is very relaxing.   When the electrode was being used it felt like a warm spoon was being gently massaged over my face.  Not hot, just lovely and warm.  The massage was heavenly, and I forgot where I was momentarily.

I was treated for the full 30 minutes, and was not left to ‘steam’ or ‘set’ as in common place with traditional facials.  As the treatment can be performed so quickly, I can see myself arranging an appointment in a lunchtime or Saturday morning.  Best of all, on completion of the treatment my face felt hydrated, but not at all oily.

Photo Credit: Jess from http://missjshopaholic.com

Photo Credit: Jess from http://missjshopaholic.com

The recommended frequency of treatment for most skins is once a month, and twice a month for oily skin.  I’ll definitely be booking in for another treatment, and I’ll bring along my teenage son for a treatment to combat problem skin.

The treatment is suitable for everybody, including the Botox’ed and filled.  You can even have a treatment during pregnancy as no current is used.

For Guinot salons and stockists please call 1300 300 954, or visit the Guinot website at www.guinot.com.au.

You can also make an appointment for a range of services at the ACHDB.  You’ll be treated by senior students and give them valuable salon experience.  You can find the salon details here.

A special thank-you goes out to the Australian College of Hair Design & Beauty for hosting the event!

Do you put off making an appointment for treatments because of lack of time?

Have you experienced a Guinot treatment before?

Disclaimer: I received the HYDRACLEAN treatment as I volunteered my body in the name of research during a product launch event.  I am not affiliated with the company or it’s retailers in any way.  All opinions are my own. To read my detailed Disclosure Policy, please click here