Lots of people house their cosmetic products in a basket, shoebox or drawer.  This may work well for a small amount of makeup, but If you need to rummage through it each day to find what you need, you may end up with broken or messy products. When you consider the cost of building and maintaining your makeup collection, it is well worth implementing a great storage solution.

There are purpose built acrylic makeup drawers available, but these tend to be quite pricey.  Kim Kardashian made drawers similar to those available from ‘The Clear Cube’ famous, but they retail for a whopping USD $300.

Image – www.theclearcube.com

A great place to look for inexpensive storage ideas is your local office supply store.

One example (pictured below) is the Keji 4 Drawer Desktop File.  These drawers currently retail for AUD $16.99* at ‘Officeworks.’  They make a stylish addition to your dressing table or bathroom, and this 4 drawer set has a deeper drawer on the bottom for larger items.  You can label the drawers, but as the drawers are clear, you may not find this necessary.

Image – www.officeworks.com.au



     Product Details

     Holds A4 size paper
     Colour: Clear with Clear Drawers.
     Size: 340 x 250 x 230mm







I have one set of these drawers to hold lipbalms, false eyelashes, eyeshadows, blush, and I use the deeper bottom drawer for foundations, primers and powder compacts.  I placed a piece of non-slip matting underneath the drawers to ensure they did not move around as I open and close the drawers.

The Keji drawers are the best I have seen for the price.  Highly recommended.

How do you currently store your makeup collection?

Do you have any storage tips to share?


*Prices current at 30 August 2012

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