HERBALIFE.  Established over 30 years ago, this health & wellbeing company has become synonymous with providing leading edge products to promote healthy active lifestyles, but also for building a network of highly motivated ‘coaches’ that inspire others to reach their goals. So why has Herbalife been so successful?

Quality products. The cellular nutrition products work to detoxify the body and prepare the villi in the digestive system to absorb nutrients more effectively.  Herbalife distributors will tell you that they don’t sell products, they sell ‘results.’ The products are covered by a 30 day, money back guarantee. You can’t argue with that sort of buyer protection.

Consistency.  The training and support provided to coaches is regular and consistent. There are monthly training events in capital cities, weekly calls with senior Herbalife staff, and lots of opportunities for personal growth as you climb the corporate marketing plan. Coaches are encouraged to share their stories through webinars and face-to-face presentations.

Recruitment. Herbalife is not a company that you just ‘sign up’ for. The best personal wellness coaches sprout organically from customers that have used the products themselves and have experienced remarkable results. Friends and family start to ask your customers what they are doing to lose weight or get that bounce back in their step, and before you know it, these customers have become distributers and build a network of their own customers.

Ashleigh - lost 33kg

Ashleigh – lost 33kg

My story. I was watching one of my Facebook friends – Ashleigh – lose weight with Herbalife. While I didn’t witness her entire journey, I was fascinated at her loss of 33kg over 15 months. Every week, I’d see an update, and I was watching Ashleigh blossom and become more confident. I was looking to lose 15kg , and after reading up on all the information, I ordered the Advanced Programme.

Being a sensitive tummy type (intolerant to just about everything), my coach suggested I start with replacing one meal a day with a Formula 1 shake. Easy. After a few days, I added a second Formula 1 shake. Still easy. After another day or so, I added the supplements.   SHAZAM! On day 8, I had a real transformation in my energy levels. I was bouncing off the walls.

It wasn’t long before my colleagues started to notice my shrinking waistline, and before I knew it, I had my first customer and lunchtime walking buddy!   Best of all, as my customers started to grow, I realised what a kick it is to get people started on their own Herbalife journey. I’ve already taken quite a few kilo’s off and at least 25cm’s of my measurements.   There is no turning back now. I’m part of the ‘Herbie’ family.

If you are interested in hearing more about Herbalife and the products available, you can email me on wyvernwellness@icloud.com. I also have a Facebook Page setup where I post my weigh-ins, measurements, recipe ideas and more… you can ‘Like’ my page here.