One of the problems those of us that are dietary challenged face, is the lack of variety for quick lunches when out and about.  I notice the limited choices when at my local shopping centre, and find food rarely passes my lips outside of my house.  During my last visit to the dietician I came to learn that I could visit a SUSHI SUSHI store to satisfy my need for a quick fix when not at home.

While I’m not a big fan of sushi itself, I do love Nori rolls or hand rolls as most of us call them.  I was thrilled to find there are plenty of both sushi and hand rolls in the SUSHI SUSHI range that are gluten free.  I located a list of products and nutritional information on the company website, but I am not sure whether the list is limited to just the gluten free range, or depicts the entire range.  The gluten free range may vary from store to store.  I did find some other information on the SUSHI SUSHI website which I have added to the bottom of this post.  Their statement gave me confidence that the gluten free range is safe for me to eat.

All that was left was to test the range, so I popped into the SUSHI SUSHI store in Chadstone Shopping Centre.   The shop was really busy, but customers were served efficiently, so I waited less than a minute for service.  I asked the shop assistant which of the items were gluten free.  The assistant immediately whipped a list off the wall so that I could view the choices up close.  The information was close to hand, and I didn’t feel like a hassle at all.  The laminated list was attached to the wall with velcro and would be referred to many times each day.

I chose the Teriyaki Chicken hand roll, and an Avocado and Cucumber hand roll.  Delicious.  I highly recommend you stop by a store to check out the gluten free range.  You’ll find plenty of locations in VIC, NSW, ACT, QLD, and WA.  Head to the SUSHI SUSHI website here for a list of locations.

The except below is from the SUSHI SUSHI website:

Who should eat gluten free food?

Gluten free foods can be eaten by anybody, however some people need to avoid gluten in their diet for health reasons. For these people, eating a gluten free diet is essential for maintaining good health and wellbeing.
At SUSHI SUSHI, we use special ingredients and follow strict procedures in our stores to make sure that our gluten free products stay exactly as they are meant to be – free from gluten.
If you have other special dietary needs, such as if you need to avoid dairy, soy or nuts for instance, our staff have a directory of which products are free from these allergens in each store.