Have you ever eaten Yogo?  That is exactly what the Clarins Delicious Self Tanning Cream reminded me of when I peeled back the foil lid from inside the jar.  It looked good enough to eat.

I was inspired to purchase this product after watching a YouTube video by Pixi2woo, Tanya Burr. Tanya mentioned that this self tanner is gentle enough for her face, so I thought I would give it a whirl on my pastey white limbs!

I’ve been working on reducing the pigmentation on my face using glycolic products so I was reluctant to apply self tan in the same area just yet.  Instead, I opted to apply some to my arms.  My pale complexion highlights all the flaws on my skin, especially redness and dry lumps and bumps.  I prepared for the self tan by lightly exfoliating my arms with Clarins One Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser while I was taking my morning shower.

I applied the caramel coloured cream with ungloved hands, and it blended easily into my skin.  I could see the sections where I had applied too much product, as the colour of the cream showed as a darker patch.  Very simple!  After blending in the cream I placed a pinch of salt into my palms and added some hand soap.  The salt helps exfoliate any remaining product off your palms so you avoid orange hands.  As a side note, the same salt trick works beautifully for removing onion smell from your hands after chopping.

I’ve included photos below from before application, just following application, and again two hours after application.  In the last shot you can see my arm looks slightly darker, yet still a very natural shade.  If I wanted to go a further shade or two darker, I would reapply over several days until I achieved the desired shade.




Overall I am really pleased with the Clarins Delicious Self Tanning Cream, and would recommend and repurchase this product.  The size of this tub will keep me going for quite a while though!

You can purchase Clarins products at Myer, David Jones and various online retailers such as AdoreBeauty.  Retail price is AUD $45 for 125ml.  If purchasing in the US expect to pay US $42 for the same size which is 4.2 fl oz.

Disclaimer:  I purchased all products mentioned in this post.  I am not sponsored by any brands or retailers mentioned.  For more information on my Disclosure Policy click here.