I had one of those days today, and turned up to an event in South Melbourne a whole week early!  The only upside was that I was able to visit an old haunt, Passionfoods.  This is a fantastic little shop at 219 Ferrars Street, South Melbourne that sells organic vegetables, and has a large gluten free range.  While I was there I spied these very adorable gluten free gingerbread biscuits from brand IRON POT.

These are coeliac safe, home-grown, hand-made, gluten free treats.  Made with free range eggs, rice flour, Iron Pot Honey and A2 Jersey Gold milk.   They have a nice lengthy expiry date on them too, so you could pick up a few packs and store them in the pantry for later.

There were seven biscuits in the pack when I bought them, and two of were quickly gobbled down before I had even put my seat belt on when back in the car.  Unfortunately, I did not read the label properly and this particular biscuit has honey in it, which is not allowed on a fructose friendly diet.  The two I ate were divine.  Moist, scrumptious biscuits. Perfect for an after dinner treat, and nice enough to give as a gift to a gluten free friend.  I’ll have to pass on the rest of the pack but my family quickly devoured more when I walked through the door.  These biscuits are a hit!

I’ve included a link to the IRON POT website here so that you can find a stockist near you.