I have now completed the first phase of the AlphaH Liquid Gold Skin Perfecting System. The system includes three products for improving your skin, with the vial for each stage including a stronger formulation than the last.  You can read my previous post and view more BEFORE photos here.

I actually stopped using the Liquid Gold Prep & Prime on Day 18 instead of Day 30, but only because my dressing table was ambushed by my teenage son, and my Prep & Prime was abducted and is now being held hostage in his bathroom… somewhere.  I only have myself to blame, as I used some of the product on my son’s angry forehead acne and he saw remarkable results.  I’ll post a separate review on the improvement in his skin at a later date.

The challenging part of the first phase is that you use the product in the morning in place of your usual moisturiser.  The Prep & Prime is a watery solution, and can be quickly smoothed into your skin.  It is difficult for the first few days not to reach for your moisturiser purely out of habit.  Adding anything over the top of these products is a definite no-no, as your moisturiser may neutralise the gycolic acid and lessen the effect on your skin.

The instructions said to use 4-5 drops, but I routinely used 8 drops.  Two on my forehead where the pigmentation is worst, two on each cheek, and one drop on my nose and one on my chin.  I didn’t use the Prep & Prime on my neck so I continued to use my regular moisturiser down my neck and décolletage to stave off a ‘waddle’.  Overall my skin still felt great, not dry or dehydrated at all.  I chose to use an emollient foundation instead of a long lasting formulation, and my skin fared very well.

Here are the BEFORE photos, taken on Day 1.  The redness around my cheeks and nose is obvious, as is the pigmentation on my forehead.



And here is the AFTER photo, taken on Day 18.  While the lighting is slightly different, you can see an obvious reduction in redness on the cheeks and around the nose area.  There is also a slight reduction in pigmentation across the cheeks and forehead.


While I am really pleased with the results so far, I’m keen to start Phase 2 of the Program, Liquid Gold Original, to further reduce pigmentation.  Liquid Gold Original is used every second night for a month.  I’ll keep you posted on how I’m tracking at the end of the next phase.

The Alpha-H Liquid Gold Skin Perfecting System including all three stages retails for AUD $99.50.  Liquid Gold products are free from detergents, parabens, kojic acid, hydroquinine and artificial fragrance and can be purchased directly from Alpha-H here.

Disclaimer: I received the AlphaH Liquid Gold Skin Perfecting Kit during the Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend.  All opinions are my own. To read my detailed Disclosure Policy, please click here